COCOTTE is a modern and spontaneous perfumery.

We relive with you the ancient and mysterious art of fragrances, as a magical and natural luxury. 

COCOTTE is a celebratory attitude.

Walking gracefully through life is the ancient art of perfumery. Starting the day is a promise and good fortune is invoked with certainty. We honor moments and encounters with the presence and approval of the gods.

COCOTTE is the attitude of an essence.

The sensuality of being at ease in the world and flowing with inimitable freedom.


“We show you a curated selection of brands and original products, from all over the world, that please your senses: creams, soaps and oils for the body, perfumes for women, men and children, aromas for your environments and spaces, that invite you to enjoy and make others happy.”

“With COCOTTE we want you to rediscover your instinct to seek and enjoy pleasant smells and experiences; that you allow us the pleasure of adorning yourself to honor people and encounters; that you discover with the advice of our expert team, your intuition to find the fragrance that defines you at all times.”


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