Dos Océanos

Craft brewery


To become the Colombian beer par excellence.
Be the beer that represents us.

Beer is a language and a common place in Colombia.


An obvious characteristic of our country is the diversity of its places; that is why we decided to link landscapes with the graphic concept. We used recognizable graphic elements, such as plants, animals and textures that could quickly place the consumer in the environment marked by the name given to each beer.


Lightweight. The basin of a gentle river, torrential at its source.
A cool valley, the inland coast experience.


Blonde and compact. The elevation of the pint that we all know, with the contrasts and nuances of the mountain. The beginning and the end of the mountains.


Intense and deep. A place of bushes and wood, thick and seductive.
Hard-to-define native feel, but impossible to ignore.

We use bright and warm colors that accentuate the cheerful and festive state characteristic of
our moments of celebration.

We are a diverse culture — full of elements rich in colors, our music is full of different measures and rhythms that translate into dance, celebration and joy, our endless landscapes are full of a variety of birds, flowers and animals. The overlap, symmetry and color between the compositions are part of the graphic solution that we have adopted to translate these elements, creating our own language.

Dos Océanos is a brand that aims to highlight those characteristics and unique elements that belong to our country; Because we know our culture, we know our people, we are proud to be from here and we want to share and celebrate it.


Project created with Viviana Florez and Yanina Valdivieso


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