Madreselva is a luxury ecoboutique travel agency dedicated to creating momentous experiences and memorable adventures.

Madreselva connects an international, sophisticated and ecologically conscious audience with unique places and the local lifestyle in Colombia.

Madreselva offers a unique service of 24/7 local hosts, guides and travel curators who tailor the experience for each traveler.


Visual language

A visual language that is both: High-end without being the typical luxury / corporate. Intimate without being handmade / careless. An identity that embodies the uniqueness of the brand and the diversity and richness of the experiences it offers.


Based on our primary typeface, we create a simple, safe and elegant brand.

Primary typeface

A funny semi serif typeface. Its forms are in an ambiguous space between sans and serif, between soft and sharp, modern but with roots in the classic.
Keep a touch of femininity, warmth and calm confidence.



The monogram is a graphic interpretation of the Honeysuckle flower – from elements of our primary typeface.
To express the diversity and richness of the experiences proposed by the brand, the monogram became a system of infinite combinations.


A primary palette of natural / tropical colors, in pastel tones.
A secondary palette of natural, darker and vivid colors for small touches and highlights.

Photographic language

Two types of complementary images tell the story of the Madreselva brand:

– Places & Nature (Macro & Micro)

– People & Experiences

Project created with Arnaud Boudin


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