Animal Nutrition

Nutreco — a company that imports and distributes different additives for the animal food industry in Colombia. Its products are aimed at being a solution for Animal Nutrition.

Nutreco’s new identity reflects a solid company committed to caring for animal nutrition to nurture a better world.

We design a logo that represents the biotechnology process, that is, the modification of living organisms to achieve specific products.



The color palette evokes the green of nature, the blue of technology and the yellow of innovation, of good ideas.

Photographic language 

Macro photographs of animals and cells provide an immense wealth of textures, colors, shapes and sensations. It is these images that complement the visual language of the brand.

Verbal language — communicates the importance that the company attaches to the responsibility of selling products that do not have negative consequences for human health or the environment and, on the other hand, the importance that Nutreco attaches to creating long-term relationships with both its suppliers and with its clients, through relationships of trust, transparency, and prompt response.


Project created with Viviana Florez


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